All about ME

Yarn Me

Who is Rhapsody in Cool? I’m so glad you asked.

I’m a mommy blogger who got too big for her britches and decided that she needed– dear Lord– another blog. Until they lock down the Cloud, that’s simply the kind of bullshit that will fill the internet.

It’s a shame, I know it.

I still keep a family blog, but as my children are no longer pollywogs, I find I have things to say that sit oddly with posts about toilet training, homemade baby food and what it feels like to be in the 45th month of pregnancy. And I wrote a couple of things, like this, that left my family wondering just what in hell was going on with that nice on-line photo album they used to enjoy.

So, in order to keep a little familial and professional distance from, uh, myself, I created this charming salon where we can all get together and swap recipes– I mean, talk about the relevant issues of our lives.

And season our speech with the occasional cuss word.

That’s pretty much it. Thanks for dropping by. And if you can’t think of anything nice to say, by all means, leave a comment!



p.s. To the guy who claimed squatters rights on “Rhapsody in Cool” at blogspot and has not posted a single thing: What are you waiting for? And would you be interested in forming a band?


4 thoughts on “All about ME

  1. I have long said to anyone who would listen voluntarily – along with those unlucky enough to be stuck in the same car of the T as I am – that we need much more than 140 characters of you at a time. Thank goodness you’re freeing yourself up to write about everything. Go ahead, write. I don’t care if it’s about cream cheese. Just write.

  2. You could have given me three hundred and one guesses what I would be doing on this Saturday morning and none of them would have been responding to your feature article in UUWorld. Gosh, I hope it is alright to mention that here. I only do so because there wasn’t a way to address you personally over there. I almost trashed my newly arrived copy. Our family has not attended in a while and I felt to busy to bother. In any case, your words just struck me (and hugged me) and I needed to say as much. I am a former Christian light, former Christian heavy duty, a lapsed UU and a current atheist/rationalist/humanist. The warmth with which you refer to UU’s and the conflict you expressed were on point for many more folks than you might imagine. Though, to be fair, I have no idea what you might imagine. I suppose you take my point. I could say more but I will leave it at thanks. Keep thinking, keep writing. I wish you well.

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