Rhapsody’s Second-Chance New Year Spectacular

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Happy 2016, kittens! Welcome to Rhapsody’s First Annual, Never-To-Be-Repeated, Second-Chance New Year Spectacular, in which we bid farewell not only to the preceding year, but to the already busted resolutions of three weeks ago.

It’s all right friends: Rhapsody is here to freshen your drink, and your self-esteem with a totally new approach. At today’s gathering, we’ll grant ourselves a second chance to enjoy 2016, not just sand it away grimly, day by earnest day, with “goals” and “challenges.”

True, there are some who are still pumping away on their elliptical trainers, scaling the imaginary hills of self-improvement, but I don’t like those people and neither do you, so let’s leave them to their step-counting and do something that’s actually fun, shall we?

You’re welcome.

Participation is simple. Just choose one healthy, worthwhile, life-affirming activity—any thigh-firming, mind-sharpening notion you like—and do it with enthusiasm, just once.

Then, do not do it again until at least January of 2017.

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We Have Reached The Jump Zone: A Rhapsody New Year Special Edition


Full photo credit below. And I would like to point out that he is wearing flippers.

Can you believe it, readers? The New Year has not even begun, and Rhapsody is already at work, digging up serviceable information and thinking useful thoughts for you, the growing community of friends who gather in our salon. By spring there’ll be enough of us to crowd the small private jet I don’t have! And if you still don’t know quite who is talking at you now, please read All About Me, and be reassured.

This post is a look back at our valuable contributions in 2013, plus an award to boost the ratings, and of course, Rhapsody’s New Year Resolutions.

If you feel inspired by my resolutions (or this fine Tanqueray) to pen some resolutions of your own, you’ll find pen and paper on the sideboard, and a roaring fire in the hearth to chuck them directly into.

Begin as you mean to go on, I always say.

* * * *

In 2014, we’ll have more fun with catalogues (Sundance, consider this a warning shot) but I’m not going to specialize. There are already plenty of talented journalists on this beat, and while taking a hatpin to the balloons of others is fun and extremely worthwhile, it would grow tiresome 25 times a year. That’s assuming we gather in the salon every other Tuesday, with the odd week off for tax-time and spa retreats. We began at a  brisk pace, but blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. (While micro-blogging, it appears, is just several shots of espresso and an amphetamine chaser.)

I wanted to give you some idea of the schedule so you won’t arrive early and find the bar un-stocked. On occasion I may show up ahead of schedule with posts that couldn’t wait, and I’ll be here alone, speaking my beautifully accented Italisize to the four walls, but not to worry. By the end of 2014, Rhapsody in Cool will be the blog everyone—or at least someone—wants to get into.

We may even hire a bouncer.

* * * *

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